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About Us


Inside press India is a youth-oriented news and publication organization dedicated to young individuals with an aim to support and advance youth towards the correct direction. We contribute towards the betterment of the youth by providing contemporary, lessor known yet significant news and articles with explainers with the motto “Transparency in Truth”.

Inside Press India is India’s first and only youth-oriented program which struggles and strikes as a leading example in the field of education, wherein each and every topic is important for youth.

We, at Inside Press India believe that solely immaculate truth can elevate the youth towards the betterment and prosperity of the nation, and for the purpose of facilitating the youth, we publish high-quality articles along with explainers in the field of economy, health, politics, education, technology, sports, etc.

We, at Inside Press India root out unbiased and proofread news for the betterment and advancement of the youth. We believe that only unbiased and true news of transparent nature deserve a place in the society which is a responsibility of the youth of the nation.

We, at Inside Press India aim at bringing a revolution in the field of journalism and education wherein the traditional system can be amended to an extend which is beneficial for the youth and delivering only significant news. We want to create an environment in the nation with our news delivery as the same plays a crucial role for the youth and future generation of India.

We also act as mentor to train the youth towards a positive and youth oriented society by providing non exhaustive knowledgeable internships across the year and within a significant period of time, we have trained and assisted numerous youths.

We also create humour based knowledgeable tease with the primary objective to aware the youth supplementary to a practical joke. We at Inside Press India believe that the paramount and significant contemporary knowledge can be delivered to youth if such knowledge is clubbed with humour, making it easier to learn and remember important information.

We believe that language should not act as a barrier for any aspiring youth who desires to learn, and therefore we operate and publish our significant news and articles in English and Hindi language.

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